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Maximum Mobility™ implements cutting edge technology with ergonomic engineering that works with the dynamics of YOUR body. The results are fabric patterns designed to reduce binding, tightening, rising, bulk, and restrictiveness, all of which contribute to discomfort, exhaustion, muscle fatigue, hobbling, and heat stress. We offer you a design to provide fit, comfort, and mobility throughout all three layers of your turnout gear.

Maximum Mobility™ Coat


Wrist Guard Options

Choose from any of our Nomex™ Wrist Guard Options including, 4” Wrist Guard, 7-inch Wrist Guard with Thumb Hole, or 4-inch with Thumb Loop, available with cuff reinforcements for added strength and longevity. .


Bi-Swing Back

Bi-swing back with anatomical patterning provides Maximum Mobility™ with freedom of movement through the shoulders, allowing unrestricted arm reach and a true comfort yoke.



Comfortable contoured collar with storm flap extension that eliminates the need for a bulky throat strap and protects you from the elements while easily folding over when not in use.



Standard Closure combines a moisture barrier lined storm flap, with a high-temp polymer zipper and flame resistant (FR) hook and loop closure providing continuous thermal and moisture protection.

Radial Elbow Construction - Ricochet Maximum Mobility Design


Radial Elbow

Anatomical patterning within the sleeve provides for Maximum Mobility at the elbow and for forward flex and reach. Our design allows you to raise your arms with zero sleeve retraction and minimal coat rise.


Thermal Air Channels

Thermal air channels in upper back and shoulders for increased thermal performance.


Under Arm Panel

Underarm panels extend from the cuff to the hem, eliminating underarm seams, contributing to a dynamic balance between the body panels and the sleeves, which allows optimal freedom of movement with no coat rise.


Sleeve Wells

Double layer sleeve wells for additional thermal protection while also keeping out water and debris.

Radio Pocket Feature for Ricochet Maximum Mobility Design


Radio Pockets

Radio pocket fully lined with water resistant material with built in antenna notch. Built in dual antenna notch is also available.

Style Options

Choose from any of our coat styles including, Integrated Tail to extend the coat back panel 6-inches, or a Women's Cut (Wide-Cut) for additional room at hips, customizing any of our standard lengths to meet your departments needs.



DRD (Drag Rescue Device) built into every structural garment - it is fast, easy, and ready to deploy at any time.


Endless Options

The options/features you choose for your turnout gear can change (flashlight holders, pockets, closures, name badges), but Maximum Mobility™ (M²) always remains. Explore all structural product options.

Maximum Mobility™ (M²) is a specific fitment pattern that implements technology to promote better movement, comfort, and safety.

Maximum Mobility™ Pant


Angled Boot Cut Design

NEW 45-degree angled Boot Cut design to eliminate wearing at corners. Reinforced with self-material or optional Arashield™ for increased protection and longevity

Bi-Swing Knee


Bi-Swing Knee

True 3-dimensional, “Bi-Swing,” knee, designed for freedom of movement. Engineered with anatomical pattering so your knee works with you and not against you for Maximum Mobility™ when squatting, climbing, kneeling, or crawling.


Integrated Waistband

Integrated elastic waistband with adjustment options, engineered to be less constrictive, and to fit each individual comfortably.

Low Cut Waist - Ricochet Design


Low-Cut Waist

Low-Cut Waist design comfortably transfers weight onto hips instead of shoulders increasing your range of motion.


Panel Between Legs

Panel between legs to eliminate binding and restriction, creating a dynamic balance that eliminates pant-rise at the boot for increased movement and comfort. 


Closures/Harness Systems

Various closures available along with Internal and external harness system options.

Low Cut Waist - Ricochet Design


Arashield™ Reinforcements

Arashield™ reinforced knees with closed sell foam padding built into the liner to reduce water absorption and increase protection.


Endless Options

The options/features you choose for your turnout gear can change (reinforcements, pockets, closures), but Maximum Mobility™ (M²) always remains. Explore all structural product options.



Maximum Mobility™: A greater range of motion and comfort than any other gear on the market. We know you’re tough, and your job is tougher. Making it more difficult to get your job done when seconds are critical and lives are on the line is unacceptable. We want you to be safer, but also more comfortable, with more flexibility, and we’ve achieved that for you with Maximum Mobility™.


Options and features of our Structural PPE can change (pockets, trim, materials, color, etc.), but Maximum Mobility™ (M²) always remains.